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Web Design David E. Mazurek
407 469 7140
Service driven websites that make a statement
Boca Ta-2's (pronounced "boca tattoo") home on the web is an always evolving entity. The first site was put together with simple text on a 68040 Macintosh. In subsequent years this permanent cosmetics company has experienced a staggering boom in sales. The website has been a fount of information for the customers of Boca Ta-2 and is now in progress of adding on a "shopping" section using Commerce Manager software from Microsoft's Small Business Division.
This site features the memoirs of fighter pilot Robert W. Smith. As Robert is a friend of mine, I volunteered to design & publish a website for him. Little did I know what I was in for! Little by slowly, the site inches toward completion, in what can be truly called a labor of love.
Another calling card for Artist Sandra Groeneveld. I designed the site & created templates that Sandra uses to exhibit her works to potential clients.