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Video Design David E. Mazurek
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Producing, directing, editing, designing video have all been a part of my skills sets at Media Design Group, Inc.

Media Design Group demo
This video is the calling card of Media Design Group, Inc. It accompanied all of our RFP DVDs. The module was redesigned to fit with overhaul of our website. I edited & designed the video as well as all motion graphics exhibited within.

AAA Travel Opening Module
This video module was created in August 2001 for the AAA Travel Industry Conference to be held in Brussels, Belgium. The theme of the Event was "High Tech, High Touch". I designed what was the eventual logo for the conference (ht2) as well as creating & editing of the video.

CIGNA HealthCare Opening Module
This video, the one of the first of my "video-less" modules was created, after many delays in the course of 2 days (including revisions). Our client picked the photos, the text and the music. I created the melange you see when you click one of the links listed.

CIGNA HealthCare National Accounts Opener
Another "video-less" video - with an ultra-tight deadline, no less. This was conceived the afternoon that we got the commission for this video. I percolated, came up with the logo, & edited the video the next day. After posting a review version on the web, it was approved with no changes on the very next day.
CIGNA demo
Included as an element to an RFP for CIGNA Corporation, this video highlighted the 7 years of Partnership that we shared with CIGNA. I was part of all seven of those years and include this video as examples of my work as well. Video edited & designed by me with help from Nancy McFarland.